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We offer the opportunity to buy a Go&Row gift card!

Is it time to congratulate? Looking for a wonderful feeling, shared moments and a gift made with love?


Give the gift of an adventure in nature by going on an unforgettable boat trip, allowing yourself to experience the peace and beautiful  nature.


Gift card  €30.00 - €50.00

I would like to receive a gift card

Laivu noma Sigulda
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Thank you for choosing Go&Row for your adventure!Your application has been received!


Our GIFT CARD can be used:

  • On any boat trip we offer

How to buy?

1. Choose the value of the gift card

2. Fill in the other required fields

3. Completes the purchase

4. Pay the bill and receive the gift card in your e-mail or by parcel machine ( delivery in Latvia €4.00), free derlivery in Sigulda.


How to use?

  • Choose your gift from the range of services we offer and before booking it, inform us about the Gift card you have!

  • The gift card is valid for 12 months from the moment of its purchase.

Terms of use of the gift card

  • Gift card is valid for ONE boating trip

  • If the value of the selected trip is greater than the amount of the gift card, the difference is paid by the user of the gift card. If the value of the trip is less than the value of the gift card, the difference is not refunded.

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